109. The Holy Grail of Investing, is Tony Robbins Book Worth it?

Season #10 Episode #109

I’m Amanda Hanquist, the Fit Financial. Being a true financial professional, I see a lot of great and not so great advice out there from “financial experts”.  

As a licensed professional, there’s a lot of things we can and can’t say, for example we can’t say "money expert" or promise to make you a certain amount of money or give you the “holy grail of investing” because, we’re licensed professionals who are backed by firms that are backed by the SEC and have compliance.

In fact this very podcast was sent through compliance before being released to you...but speaking of money experts and the holy grail of investing, have you pre-ordered Tony Robbins new book yet or by the time this comes out have you read it yet?  

In this episode of The Fit Financial, we're diving into some of the concepts behind this supposedly holy grail of money to break down the who, what and why's for you.

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