108. My Entire Year of No Shopping Explained, Why Quiet Luxury is Out and Loud Budgeting is in

Season #10 Episode #108

I’m Amanda Hanquist, The Fit Financial!

Have you ever had anything social go viral? Well recently I had a reel on Instagram go viral and it made me realize, I can’t be the only one who has had this issue.  It’s intimidating to talk to a financial professional about your money situation, if you don’t feel like they can relate to you. Well let me tell you, I can relate to you on multiple levels when it comes to money mistakes. 

Today I’m sharing the ugly truth about what lead to my entire year of NO shopping. 

Have you ever found yourself scrolling on Instagram and boom, one of your favorite influencers pops up with a cute outfit on, but then she changes into 5 more, so you click on the caption and suddenly find yourself on her LTK app and now you’re suddenly shopping? 

Give this episode a listen to learn how you can overcome your spending addiction, create a better relationship with money and start achieving your financial goals.

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